Addressing Hoarding Cleanup & Hoarding Itself Part IV

//Addressing Hoarding Cleanup & Hoarding Itself Part IV

Addressing Hoarding Cleanup & Hoarding Itself Part IV

Hoarding – A Compulsive Mental Disorder Part Four

Work towards a gradual change. Obsessive-compulsive hoarding does not happen overnight. Change takes a lot of time. The person doing the hoarding has to desire change which is why professional counseling must be implemented in most cases to effect change. Ongoing counseling is a must for the motivation to change to be sustained along with getting at the core issues that caused the hoarding. When dealing with obsessive-compulsive hoarding, the best thing to do is work towards gradual change. You may already use threats, arguments, and blame to try to change your loved one’s behavior. But, if you haven’t noticed, these kinds of behavior do very little to affect the desired change. You need to work at changing your approach. Try backing off a little and showing them respect and empathy. Offer to help in whatever way you can. This new approach may meet with some suspicion from your loved one. This is normal because now there is something different going on in your relationship. Eventually, they will feel less resistant and both of you must discuss things more so that you can get more accomplished. You want to build trust and strike a balance between giving and taking.

For the Hoarder

Being a hoarder does not mean you are incompetent. Anyone can end up hoarding for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people get used to stashing away certain things, year after year. Eventually, even we cannot stand our messes. Do not beat yourself up over this. Learn ways to manage your situation. Learn more about hoarding and find out what counselors in your area offer help for it. Many counselors offer free or low-cost care especially if they participate in clinical studies. Let your healthcare provider know about your issue as they can offer even more advice on where to get local help. Read what you can about hoarding. One suggestion is to get on the Anxiety Disorder Center newsletter. Follow the No Matter What Rule. This is the simple rule that every day for 10 minutes you work to clean up your clutter no matter how you feel about it. Increase your time to a half hour or more as you progress. You will appreciate the results. Finally, don’t give up. Get help both to get rid of clutter and gain the skills you need for a better lifestyle. It is never too late to start even if you have accumulated years worth of stuff.

Clutter Cleanup and Removal Companies

If there are piles and piles of clutter filling up an entire home or several storage lockers, get the help of professional hoarding cleanup crews. They can help you and your family move through the mountains of stuff that can depress or overwhelm. Be sure any hoarding cleanup company that you hire has the right insurance which includes workers compensation coverage as well as general liability coverage. Make sure they are bonded, too.


For more information on hoarding, visit our blog. To read Part I of this article visit here, for Part II here, and for Part III hereCall or contact us today with any questions you might have.

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