The Average Suicide Rate in Dallas TX

/The Average Suicide Rate in Dallas TX
The Average Suicide Rate in Dallas TX 2017-11-10T14:31:17-06:00

Reasons You May Need Crime Or Suicide Victim Services

We live in hard times. Taking self-life was something disregarded in the society. Today, people have the freedom to do whatever they want harming themselves counted in. Suicide is however illegal. If you survive a suicide attempt, then there will always be consequences. In Dallas, suicide rates are worrying. More and more people especially the youth continue to die in the name of self-killing. The youth seems to be the targeted population by an evil wave. That’s because there will always be valleys and mountains in the path of a young person. Something small is likely to hurt a young person beyond repair.

Suicide Rates Are Wanting

When it’s just a case of one or two people, one can understand. However, when many see it as the route to take, then something must be wrong with the current society in the city. As a matter of fact, there could be some flaws in parenting. Most of the parents never find time to be with their young ones. They are working all day and glued to the TV in the evening. The kids were made remain kids even when they are past the age of being called kids. When they meet serious issues, they don’t know how to respond. Making mistakes is also seen as embarrassing these days.

13 people take their lives in a population of 100,000 Americans. That’s a small number compared to other countries. However, that’s just an average. Each state has their own statistics. For Texas and specifically Dallas city, the suicide rate can go up to 24 persons per 100,000 people.

Why They Take the Option

Killing self is never something easy to do. It is the difficulties that people find themselves in that force them to do so. To such people, continuing to live will simply bring more pain. The majority of those who kill themselves always leave a note to explain why they took the option. Most of the victims complain of relationships, hardships, negative treatment, becoming a burden, harassment, and such issues.

How to Bring the Issue Down

According to the suicide notes left behind by the victims, most of the issues can actually be solved. That is to say that lives could be saved in Dallas. Suicide is never something that affects only one person. There are those linked to the victims that live to suffer. In fact, one suicide could trigger more suicides. But do one has to go for the suicide option? Not exactly. Through empowering the communities, societies, and individuals in the city, lesser cases of self-killing could be recorded. Research and surveillance could also be bolstered to keep track of people and their trends. Many other supportive services are coming up in Dallas in the attempt of eliminating the elephant in the room.

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