What Are The Differences Between Local And Big Franchise Biohazard Companies?

The chapter in time that directly follows any traumatic event, like a loved one unexpectedly dying, or an accident, can prove difficult waters to navigate. It’s a very stressful time, and if you find yourself in need of a local biohazard company to handle cleanup and restoration, then you’ll find dozens of businesses with just a simple Google search. That can prove overwhelming, confusing, and even frustrating for a family that’s looking for compassionate, reliable, and fast cleanup assistance.

Biohazard Cleanup USA | Local Biohazard Cleanup ServicesHere at Biohazard Cleanup USA, we’ve been in the industry of serving Houston families, and so we know just how difficult a position each person is in when they are looking for a local biohazard company to help them out. Our team of trained professionals has the expertise and knowledge they need to clean and treat areas in your home, property, or even a vehicle property in order to see to the permanent removal of dangerous bodily fluids, as well as any other biohazardous materials.

It’s true that you have a great many available options when looking for a biohazard cleanup service, but not all of them are a local biohazard company. In fact, many are huge franchise businesses that don’t have real roots in the communities which they serve. Biohazard Cleanup USA is neither a franchise nor a chain. Our business is locally owned in Houston, and geared towards its employees and clients. We deal with everyone one of our clients in ways that give them the utmost attention to their respect, compassion, privacy, and details.

Also, a larger industry chain might not actually be properly certified or licensed to dispose of or even handle biohazardous material in Houston or the state of Texas. Regrettably, many emergency calls we get at Biohazard Cleanup USA come from families that wound up hiring someone unlicensed or even inexperienced, only to find that the conditions of their property or home might actually have gotten worse given the unskilled treatment of an incident site from a company that shouldn’t have been handling it.

If you want to just skip the additional cost, stress, and hassle of dealing with biohazard cleanup technicians that aren’t properly licensed, woefully inexperienced, or just don’t know what they’re doing, then consider the following checklist you can use in selecting a crime-scene cleaning company that’s genuinely going to meet your needs:

  • Do they demonstrate years of actual biohazard remediation experience to the table?
  • Are they able to show proof of their insurance, including specifics like liability insurance that has pollution coverage or workers compensation insurance that also involved biohazard remediation coverage?
  • Are they properly permitted for generating, handling, and transporting biomedical waste?
  • Does the State of Texas Department of Health certify them?
  • Are they OHSA-compliant with 29CFR1910.1030 annual retraining?
  • Are they able to give you proof of their certifications, training, and qualifications through an independent training organization or facility, like ABRA?
  • Do their employees get extensive hands-on training in classrooms and the field?
  • Do they claim that they certify their own people or are the certifications done through a third party?
  • Are they able to provide proof or evidence of their local positive reputation through references and testimonials?
  • Are they experienced in handling homeowners insurance claims?
  • Are they accountable for immediate and local services?
  • Does the business show an understanding of the complicated emotional side of this industry?
  • Have they displayed compassion in previous crises?
  • Is a 100-percent decontamination guarantee something that they offer?

If you want a local biohazard company that can answer yes to each of the above questions, then Biohazard Cleanup USA is the one to call. We feature the experience, training, certifications, and licensing to be one of the area’s most highly sought crime scene cleanup companies. We work with many insurance companies, and many of them even recommend us. Our power to make your recovery process seamless and smooth will help us earn your trust and praise, just like many previous clients who needed compassionate, quality care in their time of need.

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