Biohazard Clean Up Specialist Defines Unattended Death

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Biohazard Clean Up Specialist Defines Unattended Death

What Exactly Is An Unattended Death?

The concept of an unattended death is one that honestly sounds weird. Before I started doing our website design, it wasn’t honestly a phrase that I was personally familiar with. One thing that I find fascinating about my career in website design is just how much I learn about any business that I’m trying to establish an online presence for.

As I make my living building various blogs and pages, I came across this phrase, and I knew immediately that I would have to look into it more.

When you add something like ‘clean up’ to that phrase, then you’re dealing with one service this website offers, but it still wasn’t getting me closer to learning what was going on. Unattended death cleanup actually sounded counter-intuitive to me.

I already understood what cleanup and death meant, but unattended? Where did that come from? I knew I needed help in learning more about this. So, of course, I turned to Google for guidance. The first place I landed was a Quora page for defining words. That landed me in a good area to start with.

That page said that an unattended death is one where a death happens without anyone around. In short, unattended deaths are what takes place when a person dies alone. Hospital patients don’t count, as alarm systems and monitors will alert someone nearby. These are cases where the discovery of the death might take anywhere from hours and days to weeks or months.

This definition made me really sad. Death is already sad enough as it is, but with no one possibly finding a body for months, it’s hard to get my head around people not having anyone in their lives that might notice how they’re missing.

Unattended deaths have numerous reasons behind them, including suicides, accidents, homicides, and natural causes such as stroke or fatal heart attacks.

In the process of designing this website, I discovered that you need to treat the deceased remains of someone quite carefully since it can mean all sort of problems, based on how long a body might have been laying there prior to discovery as well as how hot the local environment might have been.

Dealing with corpse cleanup is something that professionals like us should do. It’s not for anyone squeamish, nor should anyone without the right training, chemicals, and equipment handle this serious set of circumstances.

There are several things you need to do if you personally discover an unattended death. First is contacting the local authorities. Second, you need to make arrangements to transport the remains. Third, you need to reach out to family and friends.

Don’t try to do any cleaning up yourself, nor should you take up the offers of any friends on this. Get professionals for this.

You also might want to seek counseling to get over all of this.

Unattended deaths might mean a law enforcement investigation and autopsy in order to establish the cause of death.


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