A Checklist For Crime And Blood Scene Cleanup Procedures

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A Checklist For Crime And Blood Scene Cleanup Procedures

Biohazard Cleanup USA Crime Scene Cleanup And Blood Cleanup Procedures

The US government is facing a serious problem when it comes to the increased crime rate. Relevant law enforcement agencies cannot guarantee American citizens 100% safety. Despite the government investing in law enforcement personnel training and superior technology, crime scenes have become increasingly a common occurrence all across the country. A majority of the traumatizing crime scenes results from events such as suicides, homicides and serious accidents. Biohazard Cleanup USA is the best crime scene cleanup provider Houston has to offer. The company specializes in providing general crime scene cleaning services and high-quality blood cleanup to Houston residents. We are professional and responsible crime scene cleaners, and always use the appropriate crime scene or blood cleanup procedures needed for effectively handling, cleaning and disposing of all biohazard materials.

We provide the following crime scene cleanup procedures:

Initial Inspection

We here at Biohazard Cleanup USA provide all of our customers in Houston with high-quality blood cleanup and crime scene cleanup services. To serve you in the best manner possible, we play by all of the regulations and rules and follow all of the right procedures without any compromises. The first blood cleanup/crime scene clean procedure that we perform involves thoroughly inspecting the crime scenes. Before we embark on any actual crime scene cleaning, we make sure to ask all of the relevant questions first. The crime scene evaluation procedure that we conduct enables us to make wise decisions when it comes to the kinds of biohazard cleanup equipment and supplies that we use as well as the biohazard waste disposal methods.

Biohazard Materials Disposal/Removal

In general, this procedure is all about removing all biohazard materials and crime scene restoration. Our crime scene cleanup technicians are all highly professionals who are well versed in how to handle any kind of biohazard materials that might pose a danger to either your safety or life. We make sure that all biohazard disposal containers that we use are properly labeled and sealable and follow all regulatory protocol for the safe handling, storage, and transportation of highly infectious or contaminated biohazard materials.

Crime Scene Cleanup Preparation

In this step, we remove all carpets, furniture and other possessions that have been affected to prepare for a thorough disinfection. We strongly believe in making sure that all bodily fluid and blood stains are removed from every surface to ensure your safety. You can be at risk of contracting such blood-borne infections as Hepatitis and HIV if any surviving living organic matters are left behind such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

Crime Scene Path Extraction And Cleanup

We are known for our comprehensive processes in deodorizing, cleaning and disinfecting all contaminated areas of a crime scene. We never comprise on the safety of our customers or technicians. We utilize an effective 3-step path extraction technique. When it comes to crime scene cleanup or blood cleanup, we never take any chances. We always deodorize, disinfect and clean all pathways effectively that lead to and from your property.

Crime Site Breakdown

Following our thorough crime scene clean, next, we conduct the final step in our site breakdown. The step involves ensuring that all of our biohazard removal supplies and equipment are properly disinfected. We don’t ever leave the crime scene until we have completely cleaned, sanitized or disinfected it.

You can entrust us to assist you with your emotional recovery process through our first-rate crime scene cleanup and blood cleanup services. We take great pleasure in safeguarding your safety via our scene restoration techniques and procedures.

Please call us now or contact Biohazard Cleanup USA today for more information regarding the services we provide!

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