Proper Blood Clean Up Part III

Where Are Some of The Places That You May Need to Clean Up Blood?

Blood, like other body fluids, can be difficult to clean up on furniture and carpet. However, there are steps that you can take to ensure the safety and cleanliness of a blood spill. You must contain the spill as quickly as possible to help control the area and prevent transference to other areas. How you clean blood from furniture will depend on the amount of contamination as well as the type of furniture that has blood on it. Clot furniture will require a different method and deeper cleaning than metal or wood furniture. If possible, remove the cloth material from the furniture and launder it by itself using a warm wash cycle. If the cover cannot be removed, then, you will need to use a spot cleaner to help remove the blood stain and disinfect the material. This process may need to be repeated several times. Additionally, you may need to allow the spot cleaner and disinfectant to sit and soak into the fabric and the underlying materials to remove all traces of blood. If the spill is severe, a professional cleaning service can clean the furniture better than you can. Blood spills on metal and wood are not as difficult as cloth; however, you must ensure that you are protected. Bloodborne pathogens may still be on the surface and must be dealt with properly. Nonporous surfaces like wood and metal should be cleaned in a similar manner as you would use to clean up blood from any non-carpeted surface. At Biohazard Cleanup USA we are constantly staying up to date with the latest procedures and methods to ensure quick and clean results every time.

Blood Spills in Swimming Pools

If someone is injured and bleeding, remove the individual from the swimming pool and attend to the injured person. Make sure that the blood is not allowed to contaminate any other surface. If the swimming pool is properly maintained, nothing else needs to be done because the chlorine in the swimming pool will kill any bloodborne pathogens. The CDC reports that germs like HIV or Hepatitis B can be spread through blood and other body fluids if the body fluids enter the bloodstream through sexual contact or sharing needles. Furthermore, an open wound can allow these germs to enter your body and put you at risk for these and other diseases. Chlorine bleach can kill these germs. The CDC has not found any cases where an individual has become infected after being exposed to a blood spill in a swimming pool. Although chlorine kills germs in pools, you may want to close the pool temporarily to satisfy your patrons. Germs cannot survive when they come in contact with pool water. Swimmers may want action taken following a blood spill. Although there is no public health reason for closing a pool following a blood spill, you may want to do so to ease your patrons’ minds. Additionally, calling a blood cleanup service to handle the finer points of a larger spill would not be the worst idea.

Outdoor Blood Spills

Outdoor blood spills offer different challenges because it can be difficult to clean up body fluids from grass or dirt. However, because there is a potential for cross-contamination, effective cleanup measures should be taken. First, relocate the outdoor activity that resulted in blood or body fluid spills to prevent exposure. You should also cordon off the area. The area will need to be disinfected using a disinfectant. Then, the area needs to be rinsed thoroughly. Keep the area contained until the area has dried and the disinfectant and rinse water has evaporated. When it comes to cleaning up blood and body fluids, it is imperative that you wear the appropriate personal protective equipment and that all PPE be disposed of properly once the cleanup is completed. And, though we specialize in blood cleanup services, it is not the only service we provide, have a look at our services page to see exactly what we offer.

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