What’s Left To Clean After A Suicide?

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What’s Left To Clean After A Suicide?

The Aftermath Of Suicides Impact Many Who Survive

An owner of a bio-cleanup company was interviewed once about suicides. He said that in his business, he never got to see a body, but they definitely handled cleaning up the aftermath.

The question prompting this response was from an interviewer who pointedly asked him if he’d ever seen bodies in his professional work. The owner went on to discuss it at more length, and some of what he had to say was surprising to say the least.

Not all cleaning companies will handle the aftermath of a suicide, but his did. Bio-cleanup companies handle this kind of situation more often than many others. As such, they deal with family members who are still in shock over what happened and trying to come to terms with it.

The owner said that when his team first shows up at such a tragedy, they can’t help but wonder what kind of state of mind someone might have been in that would make them decide to do something as drastic as to end their own life.

The interviewer even wondered about how a suicide would impact relatives and anyone on the cleanup crew.

It’s a morbid topic of conversation, but it’s one that comes up in the news more often lately. Much of that has to do with the recent suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade.

By every account, both of these people were quite successful at what they were doing in life. Kate Spade was quite a successful fashion designer, and Anthony Bourdain was the celebrity host chef of “Parts Unknown”.

Why on earth would either of these two very successful people wind up doing this? What was driving them to feel like the future had no hope? This news devastated and surprised everyone, again putting a spotlight on suicide. Depression is usually what drives people to this action.

The matter is quite complicated, and easy answers rarely appear. Could it be a chemical imbalance? Might it be childhood issues that lurk beneath the surface for years or decades? Did someone struggle with their divorce? Are they bipolar? Did something else cause emotional trauma? The causes of depression are sometimes as varied as the people that populate the planet.

As for myself, I had a friend who committed suicide in the last year. He was a regular at a house of worship we both attended. I knew of his struggles he was battling from his past, on top of being bipolar.

I wasn’t the only one that tried to help him. He was without a doubt a special individual that touched the lives of quite a few. So, when he passed, many of us were deeply hurt.

We all had a lot of questions, and one of them was whether or not there was something more we might have done to help him.

According to the media, the country is going through a suicide epidemic. Those studying this issue say that more than 45,000 individuals committed suicide just last year. That’s almost as many as we lost to the Vietnam War, in its entirety.

The CDC has hard data showing that suicide rates across the country have gone up a lot. From the turn of the new millennium, almost every state has seen a rise in suicide rates. Half of them have shown increases in excess of 30 percent.

What is happening? Can anything be done? Can any of this be prevented? That’s something I worry we’ll be debating until the end of time. Until then, we just have to be more mindful and give those who need it some help when we’re able to.

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