A Closer Look At Crime Scene Cleanup

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A Closer Look At Crime Scene Cleanup

The Logistics of a Crime Scene Clean Up

A Horrific Task

Up until the turn of the century, the impacting task of cleaning up a crime scene was left to the skills and attention of the victim’s family. As you can imagine, this must have been an especially macabre situation for those still grieving the loss of their kin.

Nevertheless, the task needed to be done and there was little known about the importance of dealing with these situations in a proper way. Even today there are only some basic guidelines that preside over this horrific task.

But, since that time small companies began opening here and there that offer cleaning services to these situations. This refers to those services that deal specifically with cleaning up hazardous wastes and biohazardous materials.

Blood can be a health hazard and cleaning it up requires special skills. Blood possibly carries pathogens and even diseases that can affect those handling the cleaning. Anyone not fully experienced in the task is at risk of these problems.

After years of experience and through extensive learning by practice, these special cleaning companies have developed their proper protocol for addressing these situations. There are many ways that the task is completed but the important things are that companies abide by regulations and protocols set down by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration. This ensures that those handling the products and waste will not be affected adversely.

There are a variety of implements and cleaning agents that can be applied to this project. This can include cleaning supplies you may be familiar with as well as large ozonators and HEPA filtration tools.

The first task will be to unload all the necessary equipment in the area of operations called the “buffer zone” and all the cleaning personnel will suit up in their Personal Protection Suit or “PPE”. Once everyone is ready to begin, photographs may be taken for insurance reasons. It is possible that insurance adjusters will arrive on site and cover the cost of the procedure through homeowner’s insurance. Once the pictures have been taken, it is possible to begin applying the proper chemical treatments for removal. Microban is one of the most common.

Microban is a powerful anti-microbial agent that cleans the substances and ensures that all toxins, pathogens, mold, and bacteria are thoroughly cleansed from the area. Another popular tool is a fogger that permeates the surfaces and aids in the total removal of smells and bacteria.

The most important thing to remember when facing a cleanup task that involves hazardous materials or other health hazards is that you don’t undertake the task yourself. The removal of all health hazards and elimination of future threats is essential and requires professional services.

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