Fall Fire Safety Tips From Biohazard Cleanup USA

//Fall Fire Safety Tips From Biohazard Cleanup USA

Fall Fire Safety Tips From Biohazard Cleanup USA

Fire Safety During the Fall

The rising and falling temperatures of the recent winter seasons has been more than many can bare, and now many are looking to for the warm glows and comfort of fireplaces and candles. There is something nostalgic and cozy about the flicker of a flame inside the home and the warmth it provides. Of course, there are also some hazards to this heating option.

SERVICE YOUR FURNACE – Before you employ your furnace to its task, be sure it is in tip-top conditions for service and more. This can be done professionally and will only run you about $100 for the full inspection that keeps your home safe from hazards and surprise failures in the dead of a winter night. Even more importantly, it can save you from a slow and silent death from carbon monoxide poisoning. Be sure all exterior vents and exhausts are clear and clean before the winter season.

USE FIREPLACES SAFELY – You may have a wood burning fireplace or a gas heater in your home, but either way a regular maintenance and cleaning is essential for safety. Never leave a fire unattended and never allow a child to play unattended by an open flame or even a simple heater. Make sure the fires you have started are all cold out before you go to sleep at night. Be sure that throw rugs and other furnishings near a fireplace are all made of non-flammable materials.

STAY SAFE WITH SPACE HEATERS – Instead of an open flame, many families rely on the convenience of a space heater as a heating source for the home. Remember the importance of following the manufacturer’s operating instructions when using these heat sources for domestic use. If your heater requires ventilation be sure there is an open window or vent in the room it is operating. Three feet’s distance is the safest proximity anything should be to the space heater.

USE CAUTION WITH CANDLES – The beauty of a candlelit room is matched only by its propensity for doom and destruction. There have been innumerable cases of home fires starting from improper use of candles and their wax. Keep candles away from children and never leave them burning after you have fallen asleep.

CHANGE THE CLOCK, CHANGE THE BATTERIES – this is the best time to prepare for the next year, in addition to changing the smoke alarm batteries and making sure all the clocks are set to their correct time. Be sure to test all the alarms with their new batteries installed. Finally, it would also be the best time to begin thinking about your fire extinguishers and replacing those that have expired.

For more fire safety tips or even trauma scene cleanup, visit our blog. Please call us now or contact Biohazard Cleanup USA today if you need immediate assistance!

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