A Hoarding Cleanup Checklist To Help Keep Your Car Nice And Clean

//A Hoarding Cleanup Checklist To Help Keep Your Car Nice And Clean

A Hoarding Cleanup Checklist To Help Keep Your Car Nice And Clean

Hoarding Cleanup: A List Of Popular Cleaning Hacks To Help Keep Your Car Nice And Tidy

1. Bring Your Makeup Brush

Bring your makeup brush with you when you clean your car. Before you turn on the car’s AC, use the brush to remove the dust. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new brush or an old one, just wash it before you use it. You don’t want to be stuck having to clean makeup out of the vents.

2. Use A Squeegee

We all love bringing our pets in our cars, but they can leave a whole lot of mess, even though it’s not their fault. Instead of leaving your pets at home, you can use a spray bottle to spray water on the seat where their hair is. Make sure to not soak the seat, and then you can use a squeegee to go over the seats. Watch how fast and easy the hair comes off. Hoarding cleanup can be rather stressful for anybody having to get rid of piled up belongings. Biohazard Cleanup USA is a professional hoarding cleanup company that is available to speak with you anytime to provide you with solutions.

3. Keep Your Upholstery Looking Good

Take a bit of baking soda and vinegar to create a paste. Once the paste is created, scrub it on your upholstery and then rinse it with water. The dirt will be removed, and it will get rid of any odd smells in the car. You will love the way your car smells after using this hack.

4. Use Olive Oil On The Dashboard

You can make your dashboard shiny and look new with olive oil. Take a little bit of oil and rub it onto the dashboard. Not only does this keep it looking good, but it can keep the material from cracking.

5. Cupcake Liners That Go Into The Cup Holders

Clean your cup holders out and then use a cupcake liner. The liners will gather dirt, debris, and junk as time goes by. When the time comes again to clean your car, you simply remove the liners and dump the junk out, rinse them out and use them again once they have dried. You will love this hack because it makes cleaning cup holders a breeze.

6. DIY Air Freshener

The chances are you have seen laundry scent balls that get tossed into the dryer, which causes your clothes to smell good. Instead of using them for that, you can use a few scent balls for air fresheners for the car. Place a few balls in a mason jar and place a lid with holes in it on it. The balls won’t be able to get out of the jar, but it will emit nice smells.

7. Use Dryer Sheets

Do you find a lot of bugs accumulating in or on your car, because removing them can be a pain? However, you can easily get rid of them by using dryer sheets. Don’t worry because used sheets can be used, and all you have to do is rub the sheets over the car and the bugs will come right off.

8. Use A Conditioner With Lanolin

After you have washed your car, you want to make it shiny. All you need is a conditioner with lanolin. This is one of the easiest and fastest and most effective ways to get your car as shiny as possible.

9. Toothbrush And Toothpaste

Grab your toothbrush, as well as toothpaste and bring them out to your car so you can clean your headlights. This will leave your lights looking good and they will be crystal clear. Also, use the toothbrush to scrub the inside of your car, especially the crevasses.

10. Keep Wipers From Smudging

After you have cleaned your wipers, use rubbing alcohol on them. This will stop your wipers from smudging the windshield. All too often people wash their windshield, only to have it smudge after they turn them on and this can leave you feeling annoyed. You will love not struggling to see out your window, all thanks to this hack.

For more related content make sure to view our blog. Those car cleaning hacks should come in handy. If you are in need of hoarding removal services, contact a top-rated hoarding cleanup company. Cleaning up can sometimes be very stressful so let Biohazard Cleanup USA take care of your hoarding cleanup problems and call us today. (833) 827-2386

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