Biohazard Cleanup USA Is Able To Step In When You’re Needing The Next Level Up In Ambulance Decontamination Services

At times, first responders need to have first responders. Although we might not belong to the “thin blue line” (or, “thin red line” in the case of EMTs and paramedics) biohazard cleaning companies always are prepared to offer relief to individuals who are burdened with the task of having to clean blood spills up as well as other types of biohazardous contaminants following a crisis.

The ambulance crews will clean all traces of waste solids and body fluids up from the units in between their calls. The very worst of the ambulance cleanup work will occur at the ending of a very grueling and difficult shift; of course, the worst calls tend to occur within five minutes before the shift changes.

Although EMS staff receive biohazard sanitation training and work very diligently in order to keep their equipment and units clean, there are some situations that present the need to decontaminate and clean an ambulance utilizing cleaning steps and solutions that go beyond standard weekly or end-of-shift cleaning protocols. Or maybe you are short-staffed and everything has been given by your teams over a three-day shift and they could use some help.

Why Biohazard Cleanup USA should be used for ambulance sanitation service?

CDC-recommended ambulance deep cleaning checklists are used by EMS personnel to keep equipment and vehicles free of pathogens. We here at Biohazard Cleanup US, adhere to our very own strict protocols, that have been designed to exceed or meet EPA, CDC, and OSHA standards. Our technicians are extensively trained so they know exactly how to clean the interior of emergency vehicles – which include air transport, ambulances, and police cars – utilizing procedures that are developed along with our clients in partnership to ensure the safety of both patients and first responders while staying in compliant with all industry-specific requirements. The following is how partnering with Biohazard Clean USA will help your agency to service your community better and keep your employees protected:

Relief Services

EMS teams on every shift go well above and beyond. However, at times, a specific call will require over-the-top psychological, technical, and physical effort. Whenever our units and staff return worse for wear to the base, you can enable your staff to care for their well-being and we can handle the ambulance sanitization for you.

Non-toxic, Pathogen-appropriate Cleaning Solutions

The more that we learn about viruses and bacteria, the more than we realize to neutralize them, there really is no such thing as a “one size fits all” method. We use techniques and compounds that the CDC recommends, opting to use non-toxic, effective solutions whenever it is the right option to take. We are aware that there are certain pathogens that lose their viability quickly outside of the human body, and we also understand that some of the more dangerous pathogens, whether they are spread via surface contact or are airborne, have very long latency periods – and they manage contaminating the most unexpected parts of enclosed areas. The same diligence is applied to ambulance decontamination projects by Biohazard Cleanup USA as we do on multi-acre, fully-equipped industrial production facilities.

Response To Ebola Outbreaks

This virus is the one that emergency health professionals and first responders fear the most. Your crews during an Ebola outbreak will be out in the field for long time periods, performing their jobs that they have been drilled, studied, and trained for. Our teams can be there for you as well. Our technicians are well-prepared to respond to Ebola contamination and remediate according to standard operating procedures as defined by the CDC. That allows for turnaround time to be optimally used, and provide your teams to rest and ensure your nits are sanitized thoroughly and prepared to return to duty the next day.

Chemical Contamination

How frequently has your EMS staff needed to transport patients who are saturated noxious substances? At times, chemicals and odors may permeate your vehicles to such an extent that they need next-level cleaning services. Our team can be on standby and prepared to help the next time that your team has to respond to incidents where OC spray or tear gas have been deployed, to methamphetamine-contaminated premises, or hazmat spills.

Regular Deep-cleaning

Your current cleaning schedule can be enhanced with quarterly or monthly sanitizations and tear-down inspections. Biohazard Cleanup USA is here to assist you with creating a plan and developing a schedule for your routine decontamination calls, to ensure that your company meets and even exceeds its compliance requirements and continues to maintain the highest reputation for service and safety.

The sooner that Biohazard Cleanup USA is able to show up, the sooner your units will be able to go back out.

The Biohazard Cleanup USA work crews assist emergency medical facilities, ambulance companies, and law enforcement agencies with cleanup services after more has been left behind following trauma than their busy staff has time to deal with. Your EMS teams take such good care of everyone; allow us to take good care of them via our emergency and scheduled ambulance sanitization services. Feel free to contact us or give us a call today to learn more about what we can do to provide your staff with the backup that you truly deserve.