Cleaning a Hoarders Home Part 3

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Cleaning a Hoarders Home Part 3

Part 3: Tips For Cleaning The Home Of A Hoarder

Tackling Biohazardous Scenarios

When there is a biohazard present, it is necessary to take proper steps to address it. While many people prefer to handle this sort of situation on their own, it really is not advisable. People may not realize that the risk of becoming seriously ill, perhaps even fatally ill from a biohazard is actually quite real.

Securing professional assistance is key. Our firm is accustomed to receiving calls if a substantial biohazard is discovered in a home. We come prepared with the tools and personnel necessary to step in if someone has already tried to handle things themselves. Though this is an honorable intention, it should not be done. These hazards can pose a tremendous threat to your health, and they need to be disposed of according to very detailed protocols.

Maintaining Safety At All Times

Once a biohazard is identified, you need to exit the dwelling. Nobody should enter until things have been properly remediated. It tends to be the case that when something is shifted and a biohazard is revealed, the contamination has occurred. Everyone needs to leave, including the resident hoarder, and professionals must be called.

Biohazard Categories

Hoarder households can be host to numerous sorts of biohazards, each of which poses its own type of danger.

Waste From Animals

Animal hoarders often have this sort of biohazard in their homes. It could be that a series of full little boxes are found in the structure or stacks of feces throughout the house. Urine that has soaked into walls and floorboards also poses its own unique danger, not to mention a pungent stench. Rotten wood and other kinds of contamination make for a very precarious situation. Animal waste in these circumstances may not even be primarily from pets, but rather from infestations of rats, wild birds, bats and the like. When this is the case, the help of an exterminator is necessary for addition to the assistance of a contractor able to plug the entry points so that the critters cannot return.

Waste From Human Occupants

If a hoarder has created a situation where there is no access to the bathroom of their home, they may come up with other ways to relieve themselves. These could include using plastic grocery bags or soda bottles as a means to catch their waste materials. Because of the resulting embarrassment, this scenario is among the most common ones that stop hoarders from seeking the help they need. Hoarders who have plumbing problems are commonly so ashamed of the condition of their home they do not call for repairs to be made.

Rotten Food Items

Broken refrigerators and freezers, as well as piles of rotten food attacked by rodents, can cause significant biohazards to emerge. Dangerous, disease-causing germs will grow in these types of environments, and feces from invading pests can put the hoarder’s life in real jeopardy. This scenario brings the concept of rotten food to a whole new level.

Mold Growth

Even the cleanest of residences have the occasional presence of mold. For hoarders, mold infestations can happen in just about every corner. If you discover a wall surface or a floor that is plagued by mold, it is essential that you call the professionals. Numerous contractors say they are able to address mold, but for hoarder homes, more is required than a simple splash of bleach and some new paint. Specialists will need to tackle the mold that has reached every surface of the home in order for a real cleaning to be achieved.


It is sadly often the case that animal hoarders live amongst animal carcasses that are not discovered until someone tries to address the state of the home. These are frequently dried out and powdery in texture. In cases where a small number are found, it may be possible to handle on your own. But, if any are present, it is bests to have a professional come and take care of the problem. If animals are recently deceased, there is even more reason to ask for professional assistance. Pets in a hoarder home need to be handled as though they were feral, whether living or dead. This is because such creatures are often poorly treated and untrained, making them extremely dangerous to strangers.

The biohazards described above have the potential to cause great harm if not handled the proper way. A professional team of cleaning technicians can ensure the safety of everyone involved and guarantee the appropriate disposal of anything problematic.

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