How to Clean a Hoarder’s Home Pt5

Store: This must be a small space. Even when we have less stuff than we think we do, when space is full we psychologically feel like we have a lot. Eating out of smaller plates has a similar effect.

Recycling: Start with electronics, followed by cans, then bottles, then paper and so forth, just as stated above. If you do not know what you can recycle, ask your municipality or garbage collection service provider.

Donate: for hoarders to feel better about the stuff that they are disposing of, giving them away as donations is recommended. The donated stuff is used by individuals who are in need, instead of being destroyed. The donations should be split up with respect to the place they are meant for. Some donation items are only accepted by certain charitable organizations. To have the donations picked up, be sure to make the necessary arrangements. Depending on how much you have, some charities will send a truck.

Unique stuff: Special handling might be required when it comes to certain items.

Fuels, Paint solvents and the like: Landfills are not used for the disposal of dangerous substances/chemicals. Whether you will handle their disposal personally, or pass them over to a garbage company, find out how they should be treated.

Medications: To avoid contaminating the water supply, do not flush medications down the toilet. A surplus drug drop off point is what you need to look for. Your local health facility or police station will likely have one. Contact the police and let them come get any illegal drugs you might have discovered. You don’t need to shoulder the hassle as they will deal with them.

Moving Stuff: Having a team indoors and another one outdoors is best. The former will take out the garbage from the stuff that’s been marked for review. Taking the stuff outside is also part of their work. The team working outdoors, on the other hand, puts things away after deciding where they should go once they have been sorted. Having a team of runners moving things outside from the inside will make the work easier. To ensure that the indoor team remains focused on maintaining the flow of stuff, while the one outdoors sorts it out, the runners can carry sorting items and trash cans etc.

The bathroom: Remember to start with the bathroom. In addition to being the most likely spot to find a biohazard or rotting stuff, your team will also need it.

After the items are outside

You can get down to cleaning the house once all the stuff is out. Some of the guidelines to follow include:

Disinfectants should be used: Unless you are dealing with a professional company, the Lysol family of cleaning products will be great. To disinfect, you only need to spray and then wipe. Since bleach can be overwhelming, use it sparingly. Don’t use ammonia if you use bleach; the opposite is also true.

Wash the floors: One of the best ways to make the space smell and look awesome is to mop the floors. This part of the job tends to be quite demanding. Before you can mop the floors, you might need to scrub them first.

Clean the carpet: To leave the carpet smelling great, if at all it is salvageable, you should steam clean it. Before you leave, switch on fans or open windows in a bid to dry the carpets.

Clean the windows: If you can even see it, all your work will be count for nothing. To allow sunlight into the indoor space, screens and windows should be thoroughly cleaned. On top of helping the hoarder avoid depression, a sunlight-filled house is good for the mind.

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