How to Clean a Hoarder’s Home Pt6

Cleaning HVAC elements and vents: In most cases, the air ducts in a hoarder’s home are not in use as they have been covered for so long. Get a furnace company to come and assess the ductwork and have them cleaned. To ensure that it doesn’t make a mess when you turn it on, they should clean it. Furthermore, elevated fire risk is associated with a furnace that has not been used for an extended period of time. Take the fronts on baseboard heating off, if present, before vacuuming them completely.

Washing Curtains: Curtains can collect a lot of dust; something that we often forget even in our own homes. Wash the curtains after taking them down. The house will feel much cleaner and fresher once you put them up again.

Arranging The Space

Before leaving the house, set up an organization system. Planning it in advance helps a lot even though the work might come later. The hoarder will find maintaining the space much easier if there are boxes, bins, closet organizers and shelves in place. Make it easier to have a space for everything by bringing shoe racks, clothes hangers, etc. the hoarder will then know that they have to dispose of something before they bring in something new once all these spaces are completely filled.

A trivial but essential item

Bulbs should be replaced. In most cases, they tend to be dirty if not burned out. You can make the house brighter by simply replacing light bulbs. It’s harder to make a mess of a brightly lit house.

And there you have it

This is no easy fete. Companies like ours exist for this reason. You, however, have our respect if you try to tackle this huge task on your own. Exercise caution and do things at your own pace, and don’t forget that hoarding is a strong psychological issue that takes years to develop and years to shake; it’s not a choice.

We understand that this can be quite a difficult time for you when you give us the job you can be sure that we will deal with you in the most discreet and professional manner. Our team of professional cleaning specialists, the best of the best, is just a few minutes away from you; at a moment’s notice, our company is always ready to help you.

We are able to meet the highest standards required by your situation; because, at our company, we have all the top certifications. From the start, our professional cleaning specialists will pay attention to your special situation and perfectly handle your specific needs. We are the hoarding cleanup, biohazard cleanup, and crime scene cleanup experts in the industry as a result of our company’s dedication to a higher standard of operation.

A highly dangerous environment is created by physiological, blood, communicable diseases, odors, and strong scents as well as any other type of biohazard. Microscopic level decontamination is necessary for these environments. Even if the mess seems to be cleared up viruses, diseases and bloodborne pathogens can all remain. We can be able to create a restored space, safe for everyone, through our thorough biohazard decontamination protocol.

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