How To Stop Hoarding

//How To Stop Hoarding

How To Stop Hoarding

How To Overcome Hoarding

Hoarding is a known anxiety disorder in which an individual is unable or unwilling to part with personal possessions, in turn, they accumulate huge numbers of possessions that clutter the entire home and property. This is an embarrassing situation to talk about, yet about 5% of Americans deal with a hoarding disorder and do not know how to control it. Considering that abuse typically involves anxiety problems, such as OCD, panic attacks, hypervigilance, and hoarding. Consider that as a child you never knew when you were going to get your next meal, it would make sense as an adult that you do everything possible to never feel the effects of hunger. This page is not going to give an easy fix on how to handle hoarding. Because if we are being honest, there is no quick fix, it may take some time for you to have to get hoarding under control. When an individual is forced to just quit hoarding, the anxiety becomes overwhelming and the problem gets worse. The tips we have are designed to help place practical suggestions into place that will improve the quality of life and help you deal with the situation with small steps. This guide was put together by the best hoarding cleanup experts in the nation. Continue reading for insight on the different steps to take in order to have more control of this bad habit.

Understanding The Problem

The first thing one must understand is that there is a difference between hoarding and collecting. When people hoard, the home itself becomes almost unlivable. whereas collecting allows people to live in the home without any hassles. You may see that some people like to buy bulk food, however, they place it in a special pantry. Food is bought with the understanding that it is going to be used within a specific amount of time and will not spoil. People with hoarding disorders tend to collect and collect and it never really seems to stop. With so many things piling up it is important to consider hoarding cleanup services. Fortunately, Biohazard is always available to help with all of your hoarding cleanup needs.

Address The Anxiety

It is important to know that hoarding is an anxiety issue at its core, and must be treated as such. The cluttered home is the symptom, not the problem. While the home can be cleaned up, it is not going to solve the root of the problem, it is simply going to become cluttered again or a new coping mechanism will be released that is just as unhealthy.

Store Like Items Together

It is important to find a spot to place similar items, such as mail in one drawer and canned food in one cabinet. This is going to make it much easier to find what is needed and offer less opportunity to buy things you do not need. By storing items where they belong, it allows you to see just how much you have of that item such as clothing, perishables, and cleaning supplies, if it can not fit in that space, there is no need for it.

Quitting Impulse Shopping

This is perhaps one of the most important steps to have more control over your bad hoarding habits. You need to buy the items you want but not in a spontaneous manner. This is the same even if you see items on sale. This is going to mean that you have to walk away from items you may really want, but that is OK. You have to focus on getting just the items you need.

Digital Service

In order to save more space in a house, it may be time to go digital. It is possible to store music, videos, magazines, pictures, address books, and just about everything else in cyberspace. If you are unfamiliar with computers and digital products, just ask for help and you will be ready to go.

Repurpose Items

Upcycling is a great way to get rid of items in your house while helping the environment. However, you must keep an eye on the prize and ensure you are getting rid of the clutter and not bringing more in. If there are too many projects available it is easy to get overwhelmed, in that case, it is just best to get rid of it.

Donate Items

If you already have a good number of items in your home, it is well worth considering donating them. While you have already spent money on these items, it is unfortunate that you are going to lose it, but holding on to these items is only going to aggravate the condition. If you just can’t give up the items just yet, go through the process of packing excess items up neatly, labeling them, and taping them to be ready for donation.

Keep Or Toss?

When going through the clutter caused by hoarding, we get lost in the choices we have, keep it, where to put, where would I donate it etc? Instead make it a two question choice, keep it or toss it? Then just make two piles of the items you will keep and the items you are going to toss. This is going to make the hoarding cleanup much more simplistic and organized. The point of this project is to help you get your life organized and seeing these little steps is going to put you on the right foot. It is going to make it possible to make bigger and harder decisions in the future.

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