Is Blood Cleanup Part of Your Job?

Blood Cleanup

For any individual who watched Grey’s Anatomy or ER while growing up, the impression may have been that doctors, nurses and patients get blood on them just about every, single day.

But those medical experts in the real world, not the ones who play doctors on TV, will tell very real stories about how workplace injuries, suicides, and crime victims are treated. Sure, they tend to roll their eyes over anything enacted on TV, but the reality is that some unbelievable things happen in hospitals and they sometimes have to do with quite a bit of blood.

Blood Cleanup in Medical Facilities

Work long enough in the medical field and you will hear firsthand accounts of horror stories involving blood. Blood bags slip for no reason and splatter everywhere. This sort of thing does not just happen on Grey’s Anatomy.

It is gross, and it can be shocking but bagged blood is clean. It is not enough to lose work over. Someone will grab a blood cleanup kit and start putting it all in a biohazard bag. Big hospitals have their own incinerators or use a biohazard transport company to take the material off-site for OSHA approved disposal.

Biohazard Specialists for the Medical Professionals

So many places experience incidental or accidental problems with bodily fluids. Medical facilities, waiting rooms, emergency rooms, pathology labs, operating rooms, ambulances and donation centers deal with blood spills and need the help of OSHA certified cleanup. When hospitals do not have time to train their own staff, they need biohazard specialty services to remediate blood and bodily fluid issues or spills.

Cleanup of blood, as you can imagine, goes beyond using paper towels and disinfectant. Professional biohazard removalists are the ones who take over.

Cleaning Up Blood in Commercial or Industrial Workplaces

Considering that medical facilities have their own blood-handling procedures and still rely on contractors who are specially trained in OSHA standards for blood cleanup, are you equipped to handle a spill or other mishap? What if someone in your facility has a traumatic injury? Could you and your staff clean everything according to OSHA standards?

It can be hard to hear but job-related injuries can go for long periods. They carry on after the blood initially spills. Injuries at work can leave behind health risks from pathogens. This is just one reason there are strict rules about biohazard remediation from OSHA. These could be beyond the emotional abilities and technological abilities of your staff.

If a traumatic event happens to one of your employees, who do you leave in charge of cleaning the blood up? Already your workers may feel awful, upset and in real need of counseling. You can give them the day off but what else do you do to make sure that your injured worker is taken care of properly? What about his or her family?

Besides all of this, there is a lot of paperwork to deal with. You also have a lot of people and companies to call to be sure you are handling it all right. Unions, OSHA, insurance – you name it.

Workplace Safety Concerns

Make sure your workers come back to a safer environment. Reduce any risks from residue or other materials left behind especially during a routine vent system cleanup. After any commercial or industrial incident or injury, everyone will be worried about their own safety. This is normal, but you can meet their workplace safety concerns. Reassure them with a contract between your company and an expert professional biohazard cleanup company.

Blood Cleanup for the Private Sector

If you are a first responder, you may know what it is like to attend to a suicide scene or a scene of another major injury. You secure that scene, look around and take a deep breath. You notice a family member who is badly shaken. They want to know what is next following this harrowing event.

You are in this line of work because you want to help others. But, you know that there is more to clean-up than your mother’s advice. It takes more than salt and hot water to get rid of blood stains. Your clients are going to have real concerns about getting major stains off the carpet or other surfaces. You need to have real answers for dealing with the cleanup of blood and other body fluids.
There is a reason that paramedics, fire captains, and police have special contact information on hand. They have this information from the Red Cross, local victim rights groups and other places. They may also have information from local biohazard cleanup services.

We’ve Got You

As a nationally licensed, qualified cleanup company we can step in when no one at your facility should have to. We can handle blood cleanup after that awful event. You should not have to know how to clean up blood from a minor accident or a major trauma. It is not in your job description.

As a medical professional, you face risks all the time. You have the stress of your long hours and sometimes difficult patients. You do not need to have to worry about blood or bodily fluid clean up either.

These jobs are in our repertoire. Trust us to do the cleanup and keep you in compliance with OSHA standards and rules. Let them heal themselves and those they care about. We can do the major clean-up!

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