Our Company See’s These Questions More Frequently About Biohazard Cleanup

Have you ever been watching a crime drama on TV and wondered to yourself, “Who cleans a murder scene up? Who cleans up after somebody has died, especially when it has been a long time?” Or maybe you follow a tragedy you are on your own and wonder “Where can I learn how to clean up a dead body?”

People who have lost a loved one suddenly may feel awkward having to ask, “how much does it cost for crime scene cleanup?” No matter what kind of crisis it is, or what our potential customer’s emotional state is, money does matter. Trauma and death leave chaos behind, and for those who have to deal with the financial and emotional aftermath, to make informed decisions information is absolutely essential.

Whether you are just genuinely curious when it comes to crime scene cleanup, or you have to pick the pieces up following a traumatic incident, then most likely you are here at our blog to learn more about Biohazard Cleanup USA and what services we provide. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking whatever questions you have, no matter what your reasons are, and the following are some of the most common questions that we are asked:

What is the cost of crime scene cleanup?

It isn’t always easy within the crime scene cleanup industry to estimate and crunch numbers. Some businesses take full advantage of there potentially being “unexpected costs” but then others, such as Biohazard Cleanup USA, always do our best when it comes to being transparent when estimating the cost of cleanup after decomposition, traumatic injury, death, and other types of biohazard contamination situations. What we do is gather as much information as we can, and use previous jobs that we have done as guidance for our pricing. Since we have been in business for a long time that a majority of our competitors has given a good frame of reference for us.

Returning to the original question: how much does it cost for biohazard cleaning? Although a typical crime scene cleanup may cost $2,300-$3,200, and then an additional biohazard disposal claim will usually cost $600 to $1,350, with just labor charges alone, biohazard cleanups may run twice or three times that.

Trauma scene cleanup prices from Biohazard Cleanup USA typically range from $1,750 up to $3,700, however, every project is unique and pricing does depend on the extent of logistical issues that relate to property access and location, amount of time between discovery to clean up, and extent of decontamination.

In a majority of cases, our customers need for us to respond as soon as possible. That requires our office staff to ask several questions to understand the project’s scope better. There are things that our clients can help us to make the crime scene cleanup cost less by having specific pieces of information available. The following are some of the things that we need to know in order to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible:

Trauma Locations

  • If body fluid and blood spills happen on an upper floor of a home or building, seepage through building materials and flooring might be more extensive than normal.
  • If a traumatic incident occurs in an open concept property or hallway might require more labor compared to an incident that occurs inside of a closed-off room.
  • Labor is required by cluttered spaces for inspecting, sorting, and sanitizing, and it normally increases disposal costs as well.
  • Limited off-street parking within urban areas will require us to arrange for areas to be blocked off for our rolled-off garbage containers and vehicles.
  • Remote locations might require lengthier trips and travel time to biohazard waste disposal facilities.

Contamination Causes

Gunshot trauma tends to spread tissue, fluid, and blood over broader areas. We have experienced technicians who know how to properly search over every inch of a site as well as surrounding areas to look for a biological matter that is frequently left behind once a body has been removed. That includes furniture surfaces and walls, inside, behind, under, and around furnishings, decor, fixture belongings, which includes items that we believe emergency personnel might have moved. If suicide or crime involves a firearm, so we will need to know what kind of handguns, rifles, and shotguns were involved that influence that extent of the contamination.

Blood spill contamination varies greatly as well among the most common types of violence: head wounds, stabbings, and blunt trauma assault. Non-violent fluid spills, which include uncontrolled body functions, illness, and accident may not cover as large of an area, but they frequently seep into unsealed concrete and subflooring

Body composition is frequently limited to just self-contained absorbent surfaces like upholstered chairs, sofas, and bed. If that is the situation, then we do the best that we can to break the furniture down so that the contaminated parts can be disposed of in accordance with safety and health laws, and then the remainder gets discarded with the regular waste materials so that biohazard disposal costs can be kept as low as possible.

At times, we are called to sanitize vehicles which have become contaminated from suicides, animal roadkill, accidents, injuries, and also birth fluids when an expectant parent doesn’t make it in time to the hospital. Vehicles have a tendency to be quite complex due to the numerous spaces that can be invaded by biological matter.

Important Variables

Climate and weather (which includes cooling and heating systems), lapses in time, and the physical condition of a deceased individual before death affects how complex a biohazard cleanup job will be, particularly in situations that involve offensive decomposition smells. Frequently, when a body is not discovered for a long time, we are called in to clean up food that has spoiled inside the refrigerator, pet waste, and pest infestation detritus.

We are frequently asked to “take over” in situations where employees, family members or crime scene cleanup companies that are less experience fail to sanitize affected areas completely. Improper cleaning compounds, equipment, or techniques can make problems even worse than they were original.

What tasks do crime scene cleaners perform?

Whenever you contact a crime scene cleanup company like Biohazard Cleanup USA, our team will respond as soon as we can. After the funeral director or authorities have removed the body, we start working on:

  • If necessary, make arrangements for dumpster (roll-off) delivery.
  • Develop an egress and access plan to help prevent further contamination from occurring.
  • Find and remove any tissue that is remaining.
  • Find and remove investigative compounds.
  • Remove affected materials that cannot be cleaned safely (drywall sections, subflooring, surface flooring, furniture).
  • Inspect floor joinery and walls for potential leaks into structural spaces.
  • Clean and inspect the equipment, appliances, cabinets (interiors and fronts), molding, and fixtures.
  • Neutralize any odor-causing material from both solid and porous surfaces.
  • Pack up, transport, and discard all of the biohazardous materials that are designated to disposal facilities according to OSHA laws.

The comprehensive checklist that we have developed helps to ensure that our trauma scene cleaning crews to follow our protocols to make sure that your property gets released to you in thoroughly-sanitized condition. We also adhere to all applicable OSHA requirements and laws.

Who as a profession cleans crime scenes up?

At times this question mans, “yuck, who would want to clean up blood,” or it could mean “who would clean up dead bodies,” like they cannot imagine what type of person would select that kind of job. We understand! You don’t want to have to perform the very unpleasant task of having to clean up blood as well as other types of biological materials, and you can imagine anyone else wanting to. Our technicians are very well mentally equipped in order to deal with difficult situations and have been trained to do this very well. They have been well equipped with the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) and have been trained to utilize methods that keep both you and them safe. We are very proud of the crime scene cleanup experts on our staff. They work very hard, and so many of them feel like there are extra rewards in knowing that they help to make the lives of our customers a little easier.

We conduct background checks on all the members of our staff, and when we interview new members for our team, we search for values that are a reflection of Biohazard Clean USA’s: attention to detail, professionalism, empathy, and integrity.

Who pays for the crime scene cleanup services?

Biohazard contamination is basically property damage. When it is left unchecked, it reduces the value of the property. Property insurance (comprehensive auto, renters, business, and homeowner’s insurance) frequently covers the majority of all our fees. If the damage was incurred while a crime was being committed and the claimant was not the responsible party then you might want to contact your state victims’ county, or municipal services programs about getting financial support.

Typically we work directly with our customers’ insurance representative in order to arrange payments. It is useful to have the contact information of your insurance agent along with your policy number in case you need to contact us.

Who will I be able to call to come to clean up human decomposition, blood spill, or a crime scene?

Don’t rely on the kindness of well-meaning relatives or friends, and also do not hire a standard cleaning service. Instead, you need to have a properly-equipped, experienced biohazard remediation company is able to thoroughly sanitize the property and get it returned to its pre-trauma condition.

Call us now or contact us here so we can cover your biohazard needs!