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Moving is not a small task. In truth, most folks will tell you that having to move is one of the most exhausting and stressful experiences they go through in life. You have to get all your things in order, change your address, schedule the transportation and moving, and possibly even change schools or make a career change all at the same time. It’s a tremendous amount of work. On top of all this, you must make sure that you’re leaving a clean home, either to help sell the home or just get a rental security deposit back. You even have to make sure that your new home is ready to move into.

Few situations are more stressful than moving. Throw in packing, planning, and pitching, along with kids, work, sports, school, and any sleep you might get, you’re going to be left feeling like you can’t possibly pull it all off.

Thanks to our move out house cleaning experts, you can scratch one thing off your list during all the packing and unpacking, since we can get a place cleaned up for you. Whether you need us to clean up what you’re moving into, follow up on what you’re moving out of, or both, we can help you move on.  You may be thinking but isn’t biohazard for blood and guts?  NOT AT ALL!  Think about it you may be used to kids fluids, boogers, and sticky cereal, but that doesn’t mean the next homeowner or renter is.  It makes Biohazard Cleanup USA the absolute best company for the job.  We have all the equipment to sterilize, disinfect, clean and get your place spotless for the next homeowner or renters.

We can ease your burdens and responsibilities in terms of both pre- and post-move cleaning. Moving is by its very nature a messy affair. Our veteran cleaning crews have the power to make sure you’re moving into a sparkling, spotless home or that you’re leaving no evidence behind that you ever lived in the place you’re moving out of.  Whether it be apartment move out cleaning or just professional cleaning services for a move-out, we have you covered.

Learn About Our Eco-Friendly Methodology

You’re not going to live forever. Your move won’t last forever either, but it will go faster if you hire us to handle cleaning for you. Our teams show up fully trained and properly equipped. We commit ourselves to using environmentally-friendly cleaning practices, so our cleaning products are all eco-conscious, responsible, and sustainable. We’ve been in the industry for more than a decade, and each location we operate is fully insured and properly bonded.

Learn What Our Move Out Cleaning Services Actually Cleans:

  • We disinfect and scrub your toilets clean.
  • Any tubs and showers also get scrubbed clean.
  • All sinks are washed by hand and sanitized.
  • Shower glass also gets cleaned.
  • Mirrors aren’t just cleaned, but also shined.
  • Fixtures also receive cleaning and shining.
  • Tile surfaces are scrubbed clean.
  • All trash throughout is removed.
  • Dust from blinds is removed.
  • Dust on ceiling fans is also removed.
  • Cobwebs are hunted and brought down, high or low.
  • Window sashes and sills are washed by hand.
  • Front-door glass is hand-washed on both sides.
  • Sliding glass doors are also hand-washed, and we even hand-wipe the tracks.
  • Steps and porches are swept clean.
  • Stairways are both cleaned and vacuumed.
  • Carpets are vacuumed, while tile and wood floors get washed.
  • The oven is cleaned and sanitized, both for the interior and exterior.
  • The fridge is likewise cleaned and sanitized inside and out.
  • The microwave is also cleaned and sanitized both inside and out.
  • Cabinet interiors and exteriors get hand-washed.
  • Drawers are hand-washed inside and out.
  • The backsplash is hand-washed.
  • Counters also get hand-washed.
  • The stove top is washed clean by hand.
  • Light switch plates get our hand washing too.
  • All exposed baseboards are cleaned by hand.
  • Doors, door jambs, and door frames get hand-washed.

Moving from one residence to another is a process that can bang up a home a bit, from carpet footprints to scuffed walls. If you rent, you know that you need to leave a property pristine in order to get your whole deposit back and leave with a good reference. Our professional apartment move out cleaning service experts are up to the challenge.

Doing Moving Last-Minute? Don’t Sweat A Thing. We’ve Got Your Back.

Maybe you moved earlier than you thought you would, or perhaps it took longer than it should have. You might even just be too tired to even consider stepping back into your previous home just to clean it. In any set of circumstances, we’ve got your cleaning covered.

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