What To Do If Your Home Is A Crime Scene And You Are Needing Biohazard Cleanup Services

It so happens that your home becomes the grounds for a physical assault, break-in, armed robbery, or the unfortunate setting for the demise of a human being. In all these cases, whether you witnessed the crime, you are the property owner, agent or a resident, you need to prepare yourself for the following events. Keep in mind that professional crime scene cleanup crew are very helpful when faced with such crime scenes.

#1. Events After The Crime Happens Or The Crime Is Discovered

Call 911 and refrain from touching anything, unless a victim needs help. If you might be in dangers, seek safety elsewhere. However, inform the operator of your location.

#2. Be Proactive In Protecting Your Well-Being And Legal Rights

You have the right to protect yourself, and when you are forced to use dangerous force to protect yourself, be sure that there will be an investigation. As such, call 911 immediately. Thereafter, call your attorney. They will advise you on how best to protect your rights. In case you are unable to contact your attorney immediately, ask a relative or a friend to call an attorney on your behalf. Ensure your attorney knows your location and a number he or she can reach you on.

It is important to keep in mind the fact that you may be considered a suspect when the following crimes take place on a property you are in:

  • Rape,
  • Physical Assault,
  • Unintended death,
  • Homicide,
  • Suicide under unclear circumstances, and
  • Cases involving contraband, illegal firearms, or illegal drugs.

Please note that typically, it may take days or even weeks for the investigating team to rule out any foul play. It may take even longer for you to be cleared of wrongdoing.

#3. Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) Agency Option For An Attorney

It is in your best interest to decline police interviews when you were directly involved in the incident unless you have information that will help save another person or other people. As to be taken to the hospital and opt to answer the questions the police might have after you have received psychiatric and medical treatment and after you have consulted your attorney.

In any other event, when the first responders arrive, stay out of their way and follow the instruction they give you.

#4. Law Enforcement Officers Cordons Off the Scene

Standard procedures stipulate that the LEO must cordon off the crime scene to protect it all through the investigations. The cordon period may be a couple of hours in a small apartment or several days for large properties and apartments.

In case there are injured individuals, they are evacuated from the crime scene and transported to the hospital for medical care. Thereafter, a team of forensic photographers takes pictures of the bodies and the evidence in the crime-scene environment the without moving the body. After removing the body, they take pictures more pictures and continue to collect evidence. When finished, the “release” the property to the owner on record.

#5. Retrieving Valuables And Protecting Them

During the cording off of crime scenes where you are required to leave the area, you can request police escorts to retrieve certain valuables such as books. Clothes, pets, medication, etc. Furthermore, if some of your valuables will be removed from your property, you should ask for receipts.

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