Professional Pet Waste Removal Services


  • Our company offers professional pet waste removal services in an emergency

  • For shopping around for pet waste removals services, visit your preferred search engine and look up “pet removal services near me”

  • Our top rated technicians will cater to all your pet waste removal needs (cat, dog, bird, fish, lizard, snake)

  • When Doody calls we are here to save the day!

Do you love your pets, but really hate the mess they make? Biohazard Cleanup USA scoops up more than 10 million deposits from pets every year, making it the top pet waste removal services in the country for pet owners.

The pet waste removal services offered by Biohazard Cleanup USA allows you to wash your hands entirely of cleaning up after your pets. We offer monthly, every other week and weekly scooping services, in addition to one-time cleanups for keeping your yard safe and clean for your pets and family to enjoy all year long.

We are not the average pooper scooper out there.

Biohazard Cleanup USA goes beyond being merely a pooper scooper service. Our pet-loving, friendly technicians are also able to treat your lawn’s brown spots and deodorize patios and decks that have been soiled by pet urine as well as other odors caused by pets.

Your Valuable Time Is Transformed Into Free Time By Us

Time is your most precious commodity and when you look at your to-do list, most likely picking up after your dog is towards the bottom of that list. That is why Biohazard Cleanup USA is loved by pet owners. Your valuable time is transformed into free time. That will allow you to focus on those things you truly enjoy. We will handle the dirty work for you.

A Yard That Is Perfectly Clean – Guaranteed Each Time

Biohazard Cleanup USA stands behind the pooper scooper service that we provide with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if for any reason you ever are dissatisfied with the quality level of our service, just call us and our technicians will be sent out to re-clean your yard absolutely free of charge.

Zero Contracts, Affordable Pricing

Pet waste removal services from Biohazard Cleanup USA start at about the same price that a large pizza would cost you and there are no commitments or contracts. Discounts are also offered to pet owners who would rather pay in advance for multiple scooping services. If for any reason you need to cancel, no problem – we will refund all of the money for the unused scooping services.

The Key Is Convenience

Our goal is to make your life just a little bit nicer and enjoyable. You don’t have to wait around at home while your lawn is being cleaned by our scoopers. The technicians from Biohazard Cleanup USA will arrive on the day of your scheduled service and start working right away. When you get home the only thing that you will notice is having a yard that is spotless!

  • A brand you can completely trust.

  • Biohazard Cleanup USA has almost 15 years of experience in the business, making it the most trusted and recognized pet waste removal service in the country.

  • Biohazard Cleanup USA cares about the environment.

  • Our company is fully committed to helping make the world a better place for us all to live in, scoop by scoop.

  • We answer whenever nature calls.

Are you ready to take your backyard back? Our team of pet waste removal members is here to answer whatever questions you might have seven days per week. Give us a call today or contact us here at Biohazard Cleanup USA for all of your pet waste removal service needs.