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Crime Scene Cleanup

While there are crime scene cleaning companies that do not pay attention to the specifics of a case or even mistakenly dispatch unskilled or unqualified technicians to a scene resulting in delays, our operators will always be correct at the outset of phase one of the service call.

Biohazard Cleanup and Restoration

At Bio-Hazard Cleanup USA, we offer medical bio hazard waste removal services to doctors, dentist offices, primary care physicians, medical examiner offices, hospitals, schools, hospice agencies, laboratories, surgery centers, veterinarians, and any other organization that generates biohazardous wastes.

Odor Removal Services

The decomposing odor may be the result of a trauma, crime scene, unattended death or something less malicious involving drinks, food or pets. We have an entire team of Certified Cleanup Specialists here at Biohazard Cleanup USA offering Dead Body Odor Removal Services for all 50 states.

Unattended Death Services

While bearing witness to any unattended death can be a highly traumatic event, particularly if it is a loved one being killed, the unattended death cleanup team will need to be present to clear the area. Bio Hazard Cleanup USA provides services to clear sites where unattended deaths have been performed throughout the US so families will not need to concern themselves about the situation

Suicide Cleanup

Anytime someone commits suicide it’s a traumatic experience for friends, family, property owners, and others. Restoring the area after the body has been removed and cleaning things up is something that should be left to an experienced company that does suicide cleanup services. Biohazard Cleanup USA is the company you should call for the services. Our company understands that families need a cleanup process that respects their privacy and that is done in a caring way and discreetly to make the cleanup process as painless as possible.

Vehicle Blood Cleanup Services

If you have a vehicle that has been involved in a car crash, accident, homicide, suicide or any other possible reason where blood was spilled, it will be necessary to contact a blood cleanup crew.  The team at Biohazard Cleanup USA is able to assist as we can effectively and safely clean blood from any vehicle in any situation.

Blood Clean Up Services

We are professional blood sanitation specialists who restore and sanitize the safety of public, residential, industrial and commercial areas. The services that we provide include clean up of contaminated crime scenes, bodily fluids, gross filth, blood loss and blood spills.

Hoarding Cleanup Services

Whenever you think of hoarding cleanup services do you imagine trash bags in piles lined up on your street? If that is what you think if, then you are not familiar with the hoarding cleanup services that Bio Hazard Cleanup USA offers. The professional hoarding cleanup specialists on our staff don’t simply throw all out your belongings out on the curb. Instead, we find places for all of your unwanted belongings. So whether it is your business, home or someone else’s property that you own, we can get a professional crew scheduled to clean up any location that you need.

Vehicle Blood Cleanup Services

The Biohazard Cleanup USA company offers services in sewage, water, and flood remediation to residential and commercial property owners throughout the US.  As a provider of professional water damage remediation services, we are trained in how to effectively handle all situations ranging from water and flooding to sewage or septic waste management; thereby, preventing any further damage occurring.

Lead Paint Removal

Bio-Hazard Cleanup USA offers lead paint removal service to states all over the country. Our lead abatement team professionals can remove lead-based paint securely from any property; this will ensure everyone’s safety who comes into contact with the area through eliminating the presence of any lead. The lead abatement specialists on our team have completed all of the necessary certifications along with various lead paint removal projects successfully.

Hoarding Cleanup Services

Asbestos abatement is not a task that any individual can complete because of the high health risks associated with asbestos.  To deal with an asbestos difficulty, it is recommended that you contact a professional asbestos abatement company, such as Bio Hazard Cleanup USA.  Bio Hazard Cleanup USA offers specialized asbestos abatement services from their expert decontamination technicians for clients throughout the US.  The company will take the responsibility of clearing asbestos from the area offer your hands and return the environment to a suitable condition.

Mold Remediation

Mold is frequently found outdoors and in buildings. It can become problematic when it grows in large quantities and when toxic strains are growing. If you need mold remediation services anywhere in the 50 states, Biohazard Cleanup USA can help. You can usually tell when a mold is present in your home due to the stale smell. Mold commonly grows in areas that have been recently flooded. Plumbing leaks and high humidity levels are another common cause of mold infestations. If there is mold in your home, you absolutely need to reach out to a certified technician who specializes in mold remediation and in environmental safety restoration.


Want To Save Some Money In Your Time Of Need?

Biohazard Cleanup USA not only guarantees their work, but will undercut any crime scene cleanup company in the market.  It isn't necessary to nickle and dime you to death when you are going through such a traumatic experience.  We want you to go on with life knowing that there are people out there just like yourself who care!  Let us take the worry and stress away and let you get back to life.  Call Biohazard Cleanup USA today for more information on how we can help!

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