Methods Used In Cleaning Up Death & Suicide Accidents

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Methods Used In Cleaning Up Death & Suicide Accidents

Cleanup Services For Cases Of Suicide Or Accidental Death

Suicide Is An Ugly Problem

When people choose to end their own lives, the aftermath can be gruesome. With all of the trauma it inflicts on family members, suicide also brings a cleanup challenge. The professionals on our suicide cleanup team at Biohazard Cleanup USA, fully understand the speed, compassion, and discretion that loved ones are looking for in this situation. Our technicians are highly experienced, and their past work has equipped them to handle all sorts of suicide issues with care and competence. We equip our teams with all of the training and gear required to deliver the highest possible quality of care to clients dealing with a suicide. Our staff is standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we are ready to swing into action as soon as you contact us by phone or email. We are there to help you.

Compassionate Service At Biohazard Cleanup USA

Treating family members, friends, and coworkers with compassion and professionalism following a suicide is our utmost priority. We will make it a point to answer all of your questions to the very best of our abilities. See our “Resources” page for links that will be helpful if you need medical or grieving assistance. Our cleanup teams are ready to respond at short notice (under an hour), and in most cases, they can start helping even while police officers or the medical examiner is still on-site. We will be ready to help you with the insurance developments related to your incident as soon as you call us in. We at Biohazard Cleanup USA provide best-in-the-industry suicide cleanup service at every step of the process. We take pride in delivering effective, discreet, and fast service to all of our clients.

Suicide Cleanup Cases

Most of our cases begin with in-depth cleaning and decontamination work. We keep the scene available to family members who may need to retrieve documents or possessions for funeral business. If necessary, we can perform document retrieval and present materials to family members so that they need not face the trauma of visiting the scene before cleaning is complete. Our cleaning process is always aimed at completely removing all evidence of suicide for the peace of mind of relatives and/or coworkers. If refinishing work is required, we have a shortlist of contractors available who have done good work for our past clients.

Thoroughly Trained Professionals

At Biohazard Cleanup USA, we will not send our technicians out into the field until they have completed thorough training in cleaning up crime scenes, blood, trauma, and other conditions they might encounter. Our Biohazard Cleanup USA technicians use a range of effective cleaning solutions, all of which are fully OSHA-approved for use in residential or commercial settings. We have purpose-built equipment that allows us to find (and then remove) every trace of biohazardous material present at a cleanup site. To remove blood, tissue, and other bodily fluids, we rely on highly effective enzymes, disinfectants, and equipment. We do not consider our job complete until the area we are cleaning is thoroughly disinfected. If you or a relative need help with suicide cleanup or other crime scene services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’re unsure about what services you require, we’d be happy to help you chart out an effective cleanup plan. We never charge for answering questions or providing estimates.

If you interested in learning more about our suicide cleanup services, please contact us or call Biohazard Cleanup USA to speak with a professional.

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