Biohazard Cleanup USA: Warning Signs Of Suicide In Teens & Children

//Biohazard Cleanup USA: Warning Signs Of Suicide In Teens & Children

Biohazard Cleanup USA: Warning Signs Of Suicide In Teens & Children

Biohazard Cleanup USA: Suicidal Behaviors To Watch Out For In Teenagers & Children

Biohazard Cleanup USA deals with so many suicide cleanup cases every year. We realize that often times the cases involve teenagers in America and that this is becoming a huge and devastating problem in the states. The more we are aware of and trained in suicide cases the more value we place on getting the word out about the importance of understanding what to do to help kids who may be thinking about suicide. Sometimes teens can become suicidal while facing adversity and so it is important for parents, adults, friends, and loved ones in their lives to have the training to handle teens who may be contemplating suicide. We must do what we can to help them. Suicide among younger individuals continues to be a major issue. In fact, this is the second-ranking reason for the death of young adults, adolescents, and children. Most adolescents and children who attempt to kill themselves have a serious psychological issue, which is often but not always depression. Younger children’s suicidal gestures are often more impulsive. They may be dealing with feelings of anger, confusion, sadness, or struggling with issues with hyperactivity and attention. Teenagers may attempt suicide as a way to deal with feelings of stress, anxiety, disappointment, or financial difficulty. Suicide may seem as though it is a solution the the issues that they are experiencing. However, suicidal ideation and depression are both treatable. Suicidal thoughts often go along with major depressive disorder. If you believe a child or teen or any person may be contemplating suicide please get them to help immediately by calling a suicide hotline or calling 911. The child needs to have their disorder diagnosed and then treated completely by a skilled psychiatrist with a full treatment plan.

Things To Watch Out For In Teens Who May Be Thinking About Suicide

  • A family history of attempts
  • Personal exposure to violence
  • Suicide Cleanup – Cleaning up their belongings and giving things away in advance
  • Disruptive or angry behavior
  • Convenient access to guns
  • Being bullied at school or socially
  • Persistent feelings of hopelessness
  • Recent rejection or severe loss

Depression In Teens Potentially Leading To Suicide

Depression and stress levels have been skyrocketing steadily all throughout the intercontinental US. Bullying is the #1 reason that drives teens to resort to suicide. Teens or children who are contemplating suicide may make open comments like, “I wish I were dead”, or “I won’t be around much longer for you to worry about.” Additional warning signs include:

  • Dramatic changes in sleeping and eating
  • Severe sadness
  • Staying away from family and friends
  • Complaints about physical symptoms
  • Lower quality schoolwork
  • Sudden preoccupation with death

The Subject Of Suicide With Teenagers

Individuals who are contemplating suicide may begin to stop talking about the future or stop making plans for events that will be occurring in the future. It can be difficult to bring up the subject of suicide. Asking your child or teenager if they are depressed or if they are considering suicide is the best way to handle these types of situations. Consider questions like:

  1. Do you feel depressed or sad?
  2. Have you been thinking about hurting yourself?
  3. Have you ever considered killing yourself? Do you feel like that now?

These questions won’t put the thought of suicide in your head; instead, they’ll help reassure a depressed teen that someone actively cares about the issues they’re experiencing and can help them with their issues. Friends, parents, and teachers should work together to keep children and teens safe. Those with suicidal thoughts and a plan should be taken immediately to a mental health professional for a thorough evaluation.

For more information on Biohazard Cleanup USA and the suicide cleanup services we offer, check out our website. If you are interested in reading more related articles please check out our blog. For immediate assistance or to speak with a suicide cleanup professional please contact Biohazard Cleanup USA.

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