How To Profit From Crime Scene Clean-Up

Crime scene cleaning is a very profitable business for individuals who are able to handle the unpleasant and difficult working conditions. This niche market is, in fact, the fastest-growing segment of the multi-billion dollar restoration and janitorial industry. One of the highest-paid hourly workers is the crime scene clean-up technician. However, they are not the ones that earn the real money from the cleanup of death. Let’s look at who does and exactly how the profitable business actually works. These death scenes are often horrifically awful and messy. They have to be cleaned up by someone. I used to be happy it wasn’t me. I didn’t really think about who did the work, what equipment was used, which regulations had to be followed, how long it took to do the work, or how much the cleanup cost. My eyes were finally opened when I took a long at the crime scene cleaning business. The industry is called Crime and Trauma Scene Decontamination and Restoration – CTSDR. And they clean much more than just death and homicide scenes. The crime scene cleanup company called Biohazard Cleanup USA is a leader in the industry. Crime scene cleanup experts are paid very well to also restore and remove cutting of materials as part of the preservation of evidence, damage from tools used by police such as pepper spray, tear gas, luminol, and fingerprint powder, insects that have hatched from decaying bodies, and the effects and droppings of dead animals. They also deal with all types of body fluids, drug litter such as contaminated needles, deadly chemicals coming from meth labs, and mold derived from marihuana grow-shows. They work at every type of site imaginable – from rooming houses to mansions, offices, schools, fields, daycares, playgrounds, trains, buses, boats, malls, shops, factories, vehicles, cruise ships, police vehicles, jail cells, airplanes, and hotels.

Crime Scene Cleanup Techs

You might think that the most expensive and difficult situation would be a gruesome murder scene. However, those with extensive clean-up experience state the life-long hoarder’s house is the worst – particularly those who are animal hoarders – those crazy cat ladies who end up dying alone. They refer to it as “Gross Filth. The crime scene clean-up business does have a fair amount of overhead associated with it. There is a significant amount of training and equipment that is required, including commercial neutralizers, solvents, and disinfectors, goggles, gloves, chemical-spill boots, respirators, biohazard containers and suits, chemical foggers for destroying pathogens and odors, steam injectors, expensive tools such as ozone machines, licensing requirements, mandatory certification from government departments, and specialized vehicles to transport hazardous biological waste. A special individual is required for filling this role. An ability to emotionally detach. A strong stomach. Paying very close attention to detail. Dealing with the ever-present danger of infection from diseases such as hepatitis and HIV. Adhering to regulations from professional industry governing bodies, Workers Comp, NIOSH, EPA, DOT, WHMIS, OSHA, and more.

Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning Services

  • Tissue remnants, bodily fluids, and blood
  • Fire extinguisher residue
  • Pepper spray and tear gas residue
  • Evidence-gathering chemicals and fingerprint powder

Common Crime Scene And Trauma Situations

1. Crime Scene Residues

Ranging from evidence-gathering chemicals and fingerprint powders to pepper spray and tear gas residues, professionals from Biohazard Cleanup USA can restore and clean your property once a crime scene investigation is complete.

2. Bloodborne Pathogens

Tissue, bodily fluids, as well as other potentially pathogenic substances that result from death, crime, trauma, or accidents are removed and disposed of by Biohazard Cleanup USA Franchise Professionals. The structure is deodorized and disinfected by trained professionals.

3. Methamphetamine Labs

Crime scene cleanup companies such as Biohazard Cleanup USA are aware that many chemicals used to produce illegal drugs like methamphetamines are very volatile and potentially leave behind harmful residues in a structure. State and federal guidelines are followed by Biohazard Cleanup professionals to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned properly.

Do You Need Crime Scene or Trauma Cleanup?

EPA and OSHA protocols are followed by Biohazard Cleanup USA professionals in order to transform unsafe environments back into safe and clean businesses or homes. Safety is always their top priority, given that accident or crime scenes can involve harmful chemicals, bloodborne pathogens, and other types of dangers. Professionals from Biohazard Cleanup USA always treat the people and properties involved with the greatest respect and empathy in the face of these trying and difficult circumstances.

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