How To Get Away With Murder: Clean Up A Crime Scene With The #1 Biohazard Cleaning Company In Houston

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How To Get Away With Murder: Clean Up A Crime Scene With The #1 Biohazard Cleaning Company In Houston

Cleaning Up Blood With The #1 Crime Scene Cleanup Company

If you’d like to get away with murdering someone, then leaving no traces of any blood behind is crucial to not getting caught. However, Biohazard Cleanup USA, a company that cleans up crime scenes, says that bleach is not something you should use. If you’d like to learn what it takes to make traces of blood undetectable to the bio-detection tests CSI units use, keep reading the basics. Criminal investigations usually start with searching for clues. The team of investigators shows up at the crime scene equipped with customized fact-finding equipment and gear. They then look for standard evidence, such as footprints, fingerprints, or blood. However, scientists were recently troubled by something they found. A number of newer household cleaners can actually remove every trace of blood. If criminals were to use such products in their cleaning up, law enforcement could have a tough time getting evidence together. These new products are often labeled ‘oxy’ cleaners, and they’re used for very stubborn stains, like pet accidents. These cleaners have water and oxygen that attack stains like blood. Some of the cleaners even have ads claiming they clean more than a hundred stains on different surfaces, which sounds great, except scientists have discovered a disadvantage to someone possessing that level of cleaning power. The oxy cleaners will go much farther than just eradicating the visible stains. Usually, the gear detectives use can find blood traces that naked eye can’t detect. However, these oxy cleaners are powerful enough to get rid of even the invisible blood traces that many blood-detecting tests in use would pick up. If you are in need of services from a crime scene cleanup company, check out Biohazard Cleanup USA.

  • Disinfecting The Area

There are three standardized tests for pickup up traces of blood. They all rely on a particular protein that’s in the human blood known as hemoglobin. This blood protein adores oxygen. In the human body, it’s the function of the hemoglobin to grab onto available oxygen so it can carry it from the lungs to parts of the body that need it. However, these newer oxy cleaners flood blood stains with copious amounts of oxygen. Once this protein gets enough oxygen, it doesn’t snatch anymore, including the oxygen from the blood-detecting tests that investigators use. As such, those tests wind up coming up negative. When you wind up scraping your elbow or knee, then a coach, parent, or nurse might rub hydrogen peroxide on it. Hydrogen peroxide consists of oxygen and hydrogen, which helps stop any bleeding. This chemical will cause oxygen, which appears like foam, to start rising from the surface of the cut. This is another case where the hemoglobin in the blood starts seeking out the oxygen the hydrogen peroxide has. This chemical reaction is very similar to what standard blood-detecting tests often use. These detectors have a hydrogen peroxide which reacts with any hemoglobin present in a blood stain. When any hemoglobin grabs onto oxygen, a blood-detecting test yields a positive mark. Based on how the chemicals in each test are used, positive marks might turn pink or just glow.

  • Cleaners & Other Products

For scientific purposes, a number of researchers chose to test out these new oxy cleaners. They created a fake crime scene, ethically using samples of only their own blood in order to stain some articles of clothing. The team used a towel, some jeans, a soft cotton cloth, and exposed each to five drops of blood collected from within the group. Next, the researchers used an oxy cleaner called Neutrex to wash part of every clothing sample. They were under the assumption that Neutra’s oxygen would get released when it came into contact with water. That much oxygen would make hemoglobin to go crazy. It would for all intents and purposes clean up any blood, but also wear down hemoglobin to the point that no test would react with it. The researchers also decided to use a traditional cleaner to wash another set of blood-stained samples. Each of these samples was left to dry in the air. The cleaners wound up working just as the scientists anticipated. The clothing samples washed with traditional cleaners were visually clean, but blood-detecting tests still picked up traces of blood. On the other hand, an oxy wash yielded fabric samples that weren’t just clean when looked at by human eyes, but also registered negative on blood-detection testing. The primary difference was the oxygen bath that was given by the oxy cleaners to the hemoglobin. After that much oxygen exposure and trying to capture it, any hemoglobin present didn’t have anything left for the investigators’ test to cause a reaction with.

  • After The Crime Scene

Even despite the results of the study, this particular cleaning possibility won’t mean the end of bloody crime scenes. One forensic scientist pointed out that those who commit a violent crime typically don’t have much time to clean things up, as they leave quite a bit of stuff behind. The definition of murder in most jurisdictions is the premeditated and unlawful killing of one person by someone else. Regardless of what you’ve read here, you should know that you should never murder anyone for any reason. This blog content was purely for scientific and informational purposes. Not only is murder illegal, but also immoral. If you commit this particular violation of human rights, the results can range from serious psychological harm to life behind bars.

The name of the title is in reference to the series on Netflix. We are in no way suggesting you try and get away with murder. Check out our blog for related articles or call us at (833) 827-2386 for immediate assistance. If you are in need of our Houston services, make sure to contact Biohazard Cleanup USA, and we will take care of you.

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