Frightening Things About Cleaning Up A Crime Scene

What if you were to die in spectacular fashion… and then no one found your body until a few weeks later. Who would clean up all the mess that was formerly you? The police aren’t paid to mop brains up, and usually, a grieving family isn’t equipped to be able to clean up their loved one from the carpets. We spoke with a few biohazard cleaning technicians – people who handle the messes that are too frightening or dangerous for mere mortals to handle. Here is what we were told about crime scene cleaning:

-It Is Surprisingly Arbitrary What Is Counted As Medical Waste

Crime scene cleaners aren’t just pulling out teeth from walls to make a living. Some of the duties of biohazard cleaning technicians include responding to extreme cleanup situations such as hoarding, accidents, deaths, and crime scenes. You just need to have a real stoic personality in order to do those jobs. We are reasonably certain that Magic Marking Ebola was a totally new experience – although there are a couple of other adjectives we would use to describe it. Most likely there would be some profanity involved as well. A medical pickup is another potential assignment where used materials are retrieved by technicians from a doctor’s office or hospital and transported to a lab so that it can be autoclaved.

-There Are Two Major Types of Medical Waste Disposal Methods. There Is incineration and There is the Autoclave.

A medical facility generates incinerated waste. When syringes are picked up at a doctor’s office, they are for the autoclave, meaning they will be subjected to high-pressure steam. Syringes might contain diseases such as hepatitis C virus (HCV), hepatitis B virus (HBV), or HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). A tissue sample, which is a speck contained on a glass slide that can barely be seen and is 20 years old, will need to be incinerated. That is medical waste. However, a motorcycle accident isn’t considered to be medical waste. A victim’s brains can be picked up, and that isn’t considered to be a medical waste since a medical facility is not generating it. Exam gloves that have been contaminated by bodily fluids are viewed as medical waste. A permit is needed for medical waste, however, a crime scene can be cleaned up without a permit. A mattress that has had a composed body laying on it for two weeks isn’t considered to be a medical waste; anybody can clean it in Houston without having a permit.

-You Can’t Prepare Fully For The Job

Hold on. Wait up. Maybe you can start the job today. However, as enticing as it might sound to clean up after former people, you might want to reconsider this. We get calls from individuals quite often who are interested n breaking into the profitable cleanup business. However, the only problem with is, they have no clue about what they are actually getting into. When it comes to online training, that is a real joke. For re-certification purposes, it may work, but not to prepare you for the job. I really think you are asking for trouble unless you attend an in-person class. There was a girl who did her training online, and she really researched it and thought she would like to do this. She went out on a motorcycle called. She didn’t even see the body, and most of it had been cleaned up already, but she was still done. Many people call who are interested in getting into the business. And this isn’t any offense to women – since they can do most of what we do and pull their own weight – however, it can get hard when a fluid-soaked king-sized mattress needs to be moved down to the ground level from an apartment on the third floor and there isn’t an elevator.

-Bloody Bathtub Suicide

Walk into a bathroom and see exactly what has occurred. You see the bloody outline from a razor that was used and the bathtub is full of blood and there are splotches of blood on the floor that lead to the tub from sink. You might see that kind of stuff on television, but until you walk into a room and actually experience it that kind of thing doesn’t feel real. We have been trained and fake scenes have been set up so that we can practice our cleaning methods. However, I don’t think there is anything that can completely prepare you ahead of time for a real situation. Frequently in a crime show, a scene will be set up and a walk-through is done, but all of the work that it takes to really make a hotel room or home habitable once again is never shown.

-Shady And Illegal Activity Is Widespread

Although the federal government destroys cash that has been contaminated, oddly enough, not everyone is nearly as scrupulous about burning valuables just because they have human fluids on them. Companies that are less than honest steal things such as furniture or iTunes cards. They tell people these items must be thrown away, but then they clean them off and re-sell them at yard sales or iTune serial numbers are used for their own personal use. People rob families and clean off money.

-It Can Kill You

With contaminated blood, dirty needs, and rabid pests, it can be incredibly dangerous to be a biohazard technician. At times, you might be in an area that doesn’t have lighting, air conditioning, water, or electricity. There may be angry families, hoarding conditions, splintered wood, or broken glass. The police told us one time that you should have a gun. Somebody was driving around shooting a gun. There is saying “it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.” This is the dirtiest of all jobs, and there are people doing it. Just be glad it isn’t you.

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